Osteoarthritis is common amongst people over the age of 40 and it can cause severe discomfort threatening those that lead an active lifestyle with having to stop due to joint pain and inflammation they experience. This happens when the cartilage in our joints (the protective substance found on the end of our bone) begins to break down meaning that joint flexibility and mobility is reduced and we can experience bone on bone friction.

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring amino sugar that helps to form human tissue but unfortunately the older we get the less of it we produce. For those of us who enjoy an active lifestyle, glucosamine is often one of the first supplements that we invest in because of the role it plays in joint formation. Typically the supplements we find on the supermarket shelves that make their way back to our cupboard are  in the form of glucosamine sulphate - a highly absorbable form of glucosamine that is typically made from shellfish shells.

Glucosamine helps to form several of the compounds involved in forming our cartilage - the tissue that covers the end of our bones where a joint is formed, and synovial fluid - the lubricating fluid that lets our bones move across each other without causing too much pain. Glucosamine is crucial for proper joint function and recommended for anyone looking to participate in an active lifestyle. Most research conducted on the benefits of glucosamine suggest that the long-term use of glucosamine is beneficial for the treatment of osteoarthritis.


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